Nueces Canyon Ranch

Nueces Canyon Ranch

Nueces Canyon is a family owned and operated business since its creation in 1984. Nueces Canyon Ranch was a dream inspired by George and Beverly Caloudas; however since the Fall of 2007, it has been under the care and direction of Constantine Caloudas (son of George and Beverly Caloudas) with his wife Ange’le and their sons, Dylan & Brandt. Each family member adds their “special” touch to creating a warm and welcome atmosphere which makes you feel like your right at home. There are several new and exciting changes being implemented at Nueces to make it a refreshing place for its’ guests to stay.


Constantine, a graduate of Sam Houston University, is an avid horseman who trains cutting horses and operates a cattle business at the ranch. In addition, he prepares all of the delicious BBQ by using a third generation seasoning recipe.  If he’s not at Nueces you can usually find him at The Burton Café just minutes away!


Ange’le, a Texas A&M graduate, spends her time in the office as secretary for horse shows and daily ranch business. She and her wonderful staff personally handle all caterings, tours, and activities at the Inn and dining room.  Her love of decorating and design is reflected in all the décor at the Ranch, be it at The Inn, the dining room, or the office.  There is always seasonal decorations or a new look somewhere for you to see!

Life is busy raising their two boys, who are also talented at certain areas that contribute to the running of Nueces Canyon.  Dylan, the oldest son, prefers more “indoor” activities of computers and caterings. He stays busy making sure everyone is on task and things are in order. On the other hand, Brandt is the “outdoor” type who enjoys meeting everyone with a welcome and a handshake. He loves riding horses with his daddy and playing in the creek.  They both love to race around on their ATV with Lady, the family Golden Retreiver tailing behind.


The Caloudas family anxiously awaits your arrival. Come relax and stay at Nueces Canyon as you enjoy their little piece of Heaven on Earth!

We look forward to meeting you!


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